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Synergy celebrated its 20th anniversary

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Post-merger integration: "Most mergers fail. Why?"

History teaches us that most mergers have failed and most of the anticipated synergies have not been realized. This is an undeniable and uncomfortable fact for many companies. By whatever measure one chooses, i.e. stock price, revenues, profits or return on equity, most deals fall short of expectations. It does not seem to matter how thorough the planning is. Somehow, somewhere between the merger announcement and its implementation, all the promise fades, synergies become non-existent, savings disappear, cultures clash and finally people get fired. Why? Surely, no one enters into a merger intending to do a bad job and destroy value.

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  • Synergy has been selected to assess efficiency & productivity level of maintenance function of a major process company based on principle of lean manufacturing in Finland.
  • Synergy has been granted to proceed with the wave III of a change management program that will support the growth and profitability targets of a private healthcare company.

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