Synergy is a consultant-owned enterprise with a pool of experienced management consultants. Demanding clients gave the impulse for establishing Synergy. These clients sought something more than traditional consulting advice on how things should be done. They needed practical approaches, knowledge, transformation experience and tools to get the work done. This was the business idea leading to the foundation of Synergy in 1993.

In every assignment, as your specialist partner in transformation, we evaluate our solutions and opinions in terms of their do-ability and the ease with which they can be put into practice – for this is the main challenge for clients, and the only proof of our success.

An inspiring work

Synergy is a medium-sized consultancy, characterized by a dynamic, energetic working culture that is also flexible and people-oriented.

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Do you want to be part of a dynamic team?

Synergy’s clients expect and get solutions that are clear, workable and significantly improve their results. We have worked successfully with client companies at all organizational levels and in all kinds of cultural environments.

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