Our approach

Synergy’s approach to helping our clients succeed in their business is based on a few key principles:


We want our clients to successfully transform their business as a result of our joint project. In practice this means we don’t want to just leave a report, but to participate in making the change permanent.


Senior staff

We have senior staff, with strong industry and leadership experience. We work on client premises on a daily basis.


Working together

By working together with our clients in the same teams, we can help them get the most out of their organizations and raise the overall level of competence.


No cookie cutter

Each case is different. So, although we have tools and frameworks that help us to be effective and get the work done quickly, we always tailor our approach to the particular client situation.


1 + 1 = 3 

We put all our functional and method competence, and our knowledge of cross-industry best practices, at the disposal of our clients. But, while we know a lot about many industries, our clients are the real experts in their own industry. By combining our resources, we make transformation happen.


Pragmatic approach 

Despite the fact that our frameworks and methods are often based on academic research, we take a pragmatic and practical approach with our clients. It’s all about maximum impact and change.