Innovation & product development

Innovation is what often distinguishes leaders from followers in today’s hyper competitive global business environment. For many companies, innovation is not just about developing new products or services; it’s about innovating the whole business model – which often means rethinking and redesigning the customer journey so as to provide a superior experience. Achieving this is hard, because companies must not only change their ways of working, but do it in such a way as to delight the customer and create value for the company.

We have successfully helped clients improve their New Product Development process (all the way from idea to product launch), manage their R&D portfolios, design new service experiences, and innovate and implement effective new business models.


Synergy typically contributes

  • A wealth of experience in new product and service development processes
  • Business model innovation
  • Service design knowhow
  • Facilitation of strategic projects through participation in leadership teams
  • Useful insights and an external perspective
  • Benchmarks and best practices from other industries
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Selection of current topics in this area:

  • Product and service design
  • Innovation management
  • Innovation and development process design
  • Product & Service Conceptualization
  • R&D Portfolio Management
  • R&D Efficiency Improvement

Innovation capabilities of Finnish companies – benchmark study

Synergy has conducted an innovation study by interviewing 50 Finnish companies, all operating internationally but with significant development activities in Finland. The study combines benchmark results from the Finnish research, benchmarks from a sample of over 200 companies in an international study, public innovation research and Synergy's own experience assisting clients in their innovation and product development activities. Companies can still participate in the benchmark study.

Innovation capabilities of Finnish companies »