Operations management

While there are some industries where the differentiation of offerings is so significant that efficiency is not the number one topic, it is equally true that most companies must operate efficiently in order to create value. The competition in manufacturing is global, and the primary factor determining whether a company is heading for huge profits or crippling losses is how they run their operations – from sourcing to production to logistics. Managing the demand-supply chain and the overall performance of operations is critical. Projects in this field often focus on greater customer orientation, creating pull production, reducing waste, reducing cycle times, increasing quality, or redesigning a part or the whole of the demand-supply network.

We work closely with our clients in first analyzing the current status and evaluating the potential, and then developing operational improvements. Finally, we help our clients implement these improvements to ensure that the changes become permanent.


Synergy typically contributes:

  • Experience gained from efficiently running dozens of “analyze, develop and implement” projects in the field of operational management
  • Functional knowledge (e.g. sourcing, demand-supply network setup, production, logistics, performance management, production strategy)
  • Useful insights and an external perspective
  • Benchmarks and best practices from other industries
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