During our 20-year history, we have served more than 250 companies operating in Finland, the Nordic and Baltic regions, and Central and Eastern Europe in the following Industries:


We have conducted several assignments for car, commercial vehicle and heavy earthmoving equipment manufacturers, dealers and service providers, covering a wide range of strategic issues and operational problems at every stage of the automotive industry value chain. Our team has assisted clients to develop new services and spare parts concepts, adapt organizational structures, successfully manage post-merger integration, improve the throughput and lead times of production lines, and develop and help realize innovative cost-cutting concepts.


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Chemicals & Processes

Synergy boasts long and comprehensive experience in issues such as strategy (e.g. growth, post-merger integration and product harmonization), operational excellence (e.g. capacity, lead times, throughput, bottleneck and yield improvements), implementation of lean manufacturing and six sigma, supply chain management (e.g. forecasting and demand planning, material requirement planning, distribution and logistics management, capital efficiency and SKU reduction), and the restructuring of manufacturing networks.


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Electronics & Telecom

The global electronics industry is driven by demand for products and services that are durable, lighter, cheaper, faster and equipped with diverse features and functions. Volume production has gradually moved towards low-cost destinations, which in turn are the markets that offer the greatest long-term potential. Therefore, this industry is under constant pressure to develop new and innovative products, concepts and services in shorter time cycles, at reduced cost, and with improved quality and functionality.


We have assisted manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the areas of strategy implementation, transformation from product supplier to solution provider, business and operational excellence (turnaround), product and concept development, and post-merger integration.


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Energy & Utilities

Power and heating companies have very specific structures and a wide variety of operations ranging from the production, procurement, transmission and distribution of energy to the construction of networks and power plants. This market is constantly changing and the players must often adjust their competitive positioning. At the same time, the industrial customers of power and heating companies need to evaluate new sourcing strategies to optimize their costs and their risk position in energy supply.


Synergy has provided a wide range of services for power and heating companies, for their industrial customers and for regulators, in the areas of strategy, business excellence, concept development for new offerings and services, restructuring of business models and related processes, make or buy strategies for needed services, cost efficiency, organizational development and, last but not least, assistance in implementation.


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Engineering, Manufacturing & Assembly

For many manufacturing companies, the key factors providing a competitive edge relate to reducing material and product costs and achieving operational excellence in production and assembly. With our proven approach, we have been able to restructure and sustainably optimize many production and assembly facilities within a short period of time. During economic downturns, we have been engaged in business turnarounds and have successfully defended the profitability and long-term survival of threatened companies.


We have applied our comprehensive and multifunctional approach to our manufacturing clients and their suppliers by addressing the most important technical, production, after-sales and service, capital efficiency and distribution-related issues. Our approach generates substantial growth and cost advantages that can be realized and sustained over time.


Our teams of experts have been involved in formulating manufacturing footprint strategies and product and service strategies, developing new service businesses, improving procurement and strategic sourcing, designing for manufacturing and assembly, standardizing and modularizing, commercializing new products, creating quality programs, implementing lean manufacturing and six sigma, and transferring technology to low-cost countries.


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Environmental & Facility Management

Environmental management has become an important factor in all businesses. Existing and continuously changing laws and regulations concerning pollution, environmental management and energy saving have provided growth opportunities for many service companies.


The diversity of this industry has allowed companies to constantly seek and develop new services, and to extend their offerings from traditional waste and pollution management to actually managing and running an operation.


Our team has conducted several assignments to strengthen client positions in this highly promising, but fragmented, industry. We have focused on formulating strategy, developing new services and concepts, creating new business models, devising offer and pricing strategies, managing subcontractors, improving the efficiency of the field force, and creating tools to monitor the productivity and billability of the field force.


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Financial Services & Insurance

Due to the economic crisis of 2008-2009, the financial services sector faces tremendous challenges. They must manage traditional and emerging risks, achieve operational excellence and comply with complex regulatory requirements – all while meeting very intense competition, rebuilding customer trust and providing a wide range of complimentary services to maintain and attract new customers. At the same time, technological change has moved most of the customers to self-service channels, which has made the selling of new services to existing customers even more challenging.


Our team has taken a refreshing and pragmatic approach to this industry, strengthening their customer relationship management in the areas of customer contact center development, contact center knowledge management, sales strategy and sales process re-engineering, as well as outbound sales development.


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Food & Beverages

Synergy has provided a wide range of services for many of the local and global food and beverages companies in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Our assignments have resulted in significant benefits for customers in the areas of growth strategy, manufacturing footprint strategy, post-merger integration, the management and pricing of product portfolios, the development of new products and concepts, operational efficiency-related issues (such as planning, R&D, manufacturing, distribution and asset utilization) and manufacturing restructuring.


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Graphic & Printing

The graphic and printing industry has been dramatically affected by the development of digital technology and competition from low-cost countries. This highly fragmented industry is suffering from excess capacity. Our team has provided a wide range of services related to industry restructuring, consolidation of capacity, the development of exit strategies, de-merging and post-merger integration, production and logistical efficiency-related issues (such as capacity, bottlenecks, changeover and set-up improvement), technology strategy and productivity enhancement programs.


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Operators in the healthcare sector, particularly public operators, are facing many challenges in balancing the demand for cost efficiency and an adequate supply of high-quality services. An extra challenge in the public sector is to be able to fulfill the expectations of patients, healthcare professionals and political decision-makers.


Synergy has been a partner in developing customer segmentation, innovative service concepts and cost calculation and pricing models that will guarantee both the economic sustainability of the services and their adequate availability for all stakeholders. Our assignments always include comprehensive and concrete short and long-term implementation plans to ensure that changes can be implemented in public sector organizations.


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Media & Publishing

Media and publishing companies are facing turbulent times. Traditional media businesses are under pressure from changing technology and consumer behavior. Companies are attempting to exploit every growth opportunity offered by the rapid emergence of new technologies, online distribution models, new media channels and ever-changing consumer behavior.


Our recent assignments include strategy development and implementation, new and innovative service and concept creation, cost structures and pricing, post-merger integration and issues related to organizational efficiency.


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Metallurgy & Steel

Over the past 50 years this industry has seen significant technological changes in the field of melting and casting. Growth in this sector is mainly spurred by the need to meet requirements from the market for enhanced performance, higher efficiency and better quality. To secure a leading position in the worldwide competition, even well-performing companies need to strive for continuous operational improvement.


We have assisted clients to transform their operations by implementing lean manufacturing, improving product quality and R&D, enhancing purchasing and supply management, improving maintenance and manufacturing services, managing capital efficiency and working capital, optimizing logistics, streamlining inventory and warehouse management and developing new service businesses.


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Paper & Packaging

Even though this industry has already experienced massive changes, it will continue to be reshaped by consolidation, international competition and changing global marketplaces. In order to survive, paper and packaging companies will need to be very efficient and flexible.


Our experienced consultants have provided expertise in the areas of manufacturing footprint strategy, exit strategy, product and concept development, R&D efficiency and innovation management, operational excellence (e.g. yield and capacity improvement) and customer  market intelligence.


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Synergy has conducted many assignments ranging from strategy-related issues (such as category management, key account management, post-merger integration and growth concepts) to efficiency-related issues in retail chains and stores. Our team has assisted clients in the areas of merchandise productivity, sales force efficiency, supplier performance, purchasing and procurement, category management, store sales growth, the post-merger integration of retail chains and the restructuring of stores.


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The service industry is unique in that it can be regarded as intangible. Customers cannot judge either the service provider or the service itself prior to gaining first-hand experience. This intangibility sometimes makes it difficult to identify exactly what the product and concept should be.

Our team has assisted many companies to transform intangible ideas into concrete  products and service concepts that are easy to buy and produce. This has helped our customers to identify new paths for growth and become more competitive. During the course of our engagements, we have helped our clients to define not only new service concepts, operating systems and procedures to produce the desired services, but also a more efficient service delivery process.


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