• Synergy has been requested to analyze and develop solutions to optimize distribution network efficiency and customer profitability of a Nordic beverage company in Baltic region.
  • Synergy has been selected by an investment company to conduct financial and market due diligence for investment decision in a logistic company.
  • Synergy has been requested by a global paper company to audit their innovation management process.
  • Synergy has been granted by an energy company to implement a new operating business model for the production unit.
  • Synergy has been invited by an international service company specializing in logistics and product flow management to create category strategies for the Group Sourcing categories.
  • Synergy has been requested by an energy company to assess and develop their inventory management and production reporting processes to be able to respond to new business needs.
  • Synergy has been invited to assess and develop a long term production masterplan and implementation roadmap supported by business case for a major European beverage company.
  • Synergy has been selected to assess and develop operating procedures of a division of a global metallurgy company based on principle of lean manufacturing to reduce variation, improve yield, capacity and throughputs.
  • Synergy has been ¬†granted to start the implementation phase of a consolidated production and logistics portal to monitor KPIs and relevant reporting systems for a global multi-site energy company.
  • Synergy has been requested by one of the major Scandinavian food and beverage company to participate in a M&A investigation process to evaluate the possible synergies with the supply chain as well as to develop a detail integration plan.
  • Synergy has been requested by an energy company to create a new quality management system for one of its production units.
  • Synergy has been requested by a municipal infrastructure company to define various strategic scenarios for the next 5 years.
  • Synergy has been requested by an energy company to facilitate their self-assessment process.
  • Synergy has been requested by a major Scandinavian beverages company to conduct a post-evaluation of a merger project to evaluate the synergies achieved and the success of projects implemented during the post-merger integration phase.
  • Synergy has been requested to develop an overall working capital reduction program, including lead-time and set-up time reduction, for a major European food and beverages company in Finland and the Baltic countries.